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As the Infection Control Lead, You Need a Proven Plan to Stop Infections in Your Facility

The greatest athletes have coaches. IPC Leads need resources and coaching to ensure they can meet their responsibilities for infection prevention and control at your Facility. Who do you want in your corner?
Infection Prevention and Control in the Aged Care Industry is experiencing rapid change due to the findings of the Royal Commission.
Residential aged care providers are now required to demonstrate how they are meeting their infection prevention and control responsibilities during Aged Care Quality Standards performance assessments. The responsibility of infection control lead falls to the newly created IPC Leads.
Without extra help, IPC Leads will fail to make a difference because:
  • They don’t have a proven framework for their teams and consumers.
  • No one has given them a plan for improving IPC.
  • They struggle to implement tactics and report.
  • They act more like cheerleaders than coaches.
  • No one is training or supporting them.
  • They don’t have a community to inspire them.
Bug Control has a system to improve infection control and a curriculum that delivers real results for your Facility. When we coach you, you’ll be unstoppable. Deliver even more value for your teams and facility and grow your confidence as a part of the Bug Control IPC Lead Community.
2019 Aged Care Standards Explained

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