Bug Control staff will come to your facility and conduct an audit covering all aspects of infection prevention and control to ensure you are compliant and achieving best practice.

The audit takes approx. 4 – 6 hours and is conducted by one of Bug Controls’ trained and qualified Infection Control specialists.

Your audit will comprise of a detailed, clinical review of each of the following areas:


Bug Control’s review of catering will take a close look at infection prevention and control related to food and drink. This covers storage, preparation, serving and meal areas.


Healthcare facilities must make cleaning a priority for effective infection prevention and control. Whether its residents, health care assistants or specialised cleaning staff, a review of this area can make a huge difference in reducing the incidents of infections within the facility.

Clinical Services

Clinical services includes a review of all tasks relating to medical procedures and care within a facility, such as wound care, blood pressure tests, blood samples, specimen collection for laboratory tests and other procedures.

Continuous Improvement Activities

Continuous improvement activities relate to the ever-changing nature of infection prevention and control and how your facility deals with the changes and remains up-to-date.


The audit will carefully appraise the current measures in place for staff and worker education. This covers on-site training, mentoring, supporting resources and any other programmes you have in place.

Infection Surveillance

Surveillance is a vital part of infection prevention and control as well as a legal requirement. Regular recording of infections provides a larger picture for your facility to monitor and predict when problems can arise.

Laundry Services

Ensuring quality infection prevention and control in a healthcare facility requires strict compliance with best practice in laundry procedures. Bug Control will audit the collection, cleaning and handling of laundry items for a comprehensive review.

Preventative Maintenance

The chattels and structure of a healthcare facility also play a role in good infection prevention and control. Bug Control will check your site for adherence to laws and the facilities policy and procedures. Potential changes or improvements in these areas can make a difference in managing infection.

Staff Immunisation

As well as being a recommendation of the Australian Guidelines for Prevention and Control of infection in Healthcare NHMRC, staff immunisation is an important part of protecting your residents and patients from infection. Studies show a two areas are much improved when staff are immunised.

  • lower rates of patient infection
  • improve work attendance

Bug Control reviews systems and education in place for annual vaccinations as part of the audit.

On completion Bug Control will provide a final report and action plan of findings and recommendations for achieving current best practices in infection prevention and control, giving you a baseline from which to work to improve overall quality.

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