Infection Control Guides for Aged Care Facilities

Infection Control Guides, ready for implementation

You know that you need policies and processes for your facility. But who has the time to do the research, never mind write it all up in a way that everyone can use?

That’s why Bug Control developed our infection control guides. While our eManual covers general policy and processes for everything infection control, sometimes you want something specific.

Bug Control’s infection control guides provide the blueprint for your facility’s success. Designed especially for management, there are nine guides in total, each designed to help you with a particular aspect of infection control.

Our IPC guides cover:

  • Outbreak Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • CQI Sample Mini Audits
  • Staff Infection Control Orientation
  • Management of MRSA
  • Staff Immunisation Resource
  • Waste Management Guide
  • Cytotoxic Waste Guide

Complete Manual of Infection Prevention and Control

Each guide covers a key area of IPC best practice. It will help you get your facility back on the right track.

Stop wondering where you’ll find the time and look for the solutions instead. With Bug Control’s infection control guides, you’ll be ready for just about anything.

It’s better if we all work together

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Bring the whole team on the journey

Looking for something for staff on the floor, clinical and non-clinical? Check out our simple and easy-to-use flip charts. Whether you keep them on the wall where they’re needed, or add them to your outbreak kit, our flip charts can help your aged care facility stop infection.

Bug Control’s reference guides are best used in conjunction with the corresponding flip charts. The five different IPC flip charts available are Outbreak, General Infection Control, Laundry, Cleaning and Food Handling.

Ensure your team is ready to plan for and respond to infection prevention and control issues by arming them with the information they need to succeed.


Set of flip charts

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Infection Control in Australia & NZ
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Bug Control Client Testimonials

We’ve been helping Aged Care Facilities across Australia and NZ to protect their consumers and staff from potentially deadly infections for almost twenty-five years. Our clients are delighted with our quality of service, but don’t just take our word for it — here’s what they have to say.