Aged Care IPC Audit

An independent IPC audit can find the holes in your aged care facility’s infection control program.

Is your infection control program truly robust?
Is IPC best practice being followed in your facility?

Don’t know for sure? Get our experienced IPC consultants to review your aged care facility to ensure it’s in the best shape to prevent or face an outbreak.

Get a plan of action to implement

We’ll help you find any gaps in your IPC program and give you a plan to fix them.

Keep your team and residents safe

Create a safe environment for your team to work in and for your residents to live in.


Get back your peace of mind

Know for sure that you’ve got the right plans and processes in place.

Ensure that your aged care facility is following the best practices.

Here is what a typical IPC audit looks like:

  • Our infection control consultants will visit your aged care facility.
  • We’ll thoroughly review your clinical areas, cleaning, kitchen and laundry services, and your documentation to ensure it’s following the legislative standards.
  • Afterwards, we debrief your key staff and discuss our findings and outcomes
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Getting an IPC audit shouldn’t be hard work.

Book your consultation

We’ll call you to discuss your infection control needs and to provide a quote.

We’ll come to your facility

Our IPC consultant will visit your facility and review your infection control program.

Get expert feedback

You will receive the full report and action plan in your inbox.

2019 Aged Care Standards Explained

Give your residents the care that is safe and right for them.

Best practice ensures residents are getting the care that is safe and right for them.

We’ll help you find any gaps in your IPC plan and ensure you have the right procedures in place.

You’re in safe, reliable hands.

“Bug Control developed a plan to prevent and control infections among our care recipients and staff. Winter in 2017 was the worst flu season on record and the strategy was very successful.

— Ilmira Chernyakova, Director of Care, St. Sergius Aged Care

Bug Control Client Testimonials

We’ve been helping Aged Care Facilities across Australia and NZ to protect their consumers and staff from potentially deadly infections for almost twenty-five years. Our clients are delighted with our quality of service, but don’t just take our word for it — here’s what they have to say.

Don’t get caught off-guard.

Be confident that you have the right procedures in place to keep your aged care facility infection-free. You’re in good hands with our experienced IPC consultants.

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Bug Control Membership gives you access to all the resources you need for infection prevention and control in aged care. Tool box resources, webinars, mandatory training policies and procedures all available to your whole team at any time.

Infection Control in Australia & NZ
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Do you need help with your infection prevention and control?

Speak to our team about meeting the new Quality Aged Care Standards, an IPC Audit or subscribing to our membership or infection prevention and control manual. Contact us today.