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​Save your facility time and money with infection prevention and control ​workshops and Strategic consultancy from Australia's best aged care infection preventionists.

Imagine how it would be to know exactly what to do to stop outbreaks and ensure a reduction in infections. ​Healthier residents, consumers and staff. With our Target Zero™ workshop and IP&C consultancy, you and your team can make it happen.

Visualise your facility as successful three years in the future. Now, learn how to create an infection prevention & control strategy to achieve that goal. It's all possible through our Target Zero™​ workshop and strategic consultancy.

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“Following a major outbreak in 2016, we were very concerned about not repeating our experiences.

Working with Bug Control was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. Since developing and implementing the Zero Outbreak Plan we have had zero outbreaks."

Melinda Abell

Director of Care, Maroba

"But Control (Infection Control Advisory Service) worked with St Sergius Aged Care to develop a strategic plan and step-by-step guidance to prevent and control infections among ​our care recipients and staff. A range of strategies for hand hygiene promotion and improvement have been proposed, and St Sergius Aged Care is focusing part of its attention on improving hand hygiene standards and practices.

​Winter in 2017 was the worst flu season on record and the strategy was very successful. We have been very impressed at the outcome of all projects offered by Bug Control, and have seen an increase of awareness of hand hygiene and a move “Towards Zero Outbreaks” program."

Ilmira Chernyakova

Director of Care, St. Sergius Aged Care

​​"The Pioneers Lodge Aged Care Facility has had the pleasure of working with the professional staff at Bug Control for the past 10 years. Over this time we have received staff training that is up to date and individualized at our Facility.

We have found all their manuals to be clear, easy to understand, concise yet comprehensive and very relevant to the aged care environment.

We would definitely recommend Bug Control to others.

Pioneers Lodge would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all the educators who have provided valuable education sessions to our staff over the years.

The recent outbreak training that we received locally was very informative and the trainer covered all the relevant information to effectively deal with an infectious outbreak.

We look forward to continuing our working partnership into the future.

​Joyce Moorhouse

​Infection Control Officer, ​Pioneers Lodge


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