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Empower your care facility with the essential knowledge, training, and skills needed to stop outbreaks and reduce infection in residents, consumers and staff. With our Target Zero™ workshop and IP&C consultancy, you and your team can create the most robust infection prevention & control strategy possible.  

We've developed an essential guide to getting you started on your journey to becoming a leader in infection control and prevention.  

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Audits and consultation

Empathy and understanding are at the core of our philosophy. That's why our IC audit and consultancy services are designed to educate and empower, not to blame. Our priority is to work with you during every step of the process to achieve full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Training and education

Our expert training Videos and manuals are created by professionals with many years of industry experience. They give your care team the knowledge and skills needed to provide exceptional care to your clients with both confidence and diligence. 

2019 Infection prevention and control manuals

All of our subscription members receive unlimited access to our comprehensive library of resources, developed and collated by our expert team. Topics range from cleaning and laundry to bug control guides—everything you need to ensure the most vigorous infection prevention strategy possible. 

All our services and products meet the new requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQSHS second edition) the “new standards” effective 1 July 2019.

Infection Control Guide 

We've developed an essential guide to getting you started on your journey to becoming a leader in infection control and prevention. Get it now for FREE.

About Infection Control

Our mission is to stop common infections within aged care facilities. That's why our Bug Control's Infection Prevention and Control Program provides a truly world-class consultancy, planning, and compliance advisory service. We also specialise in equipping your team with the best products, education and resources available.  

Because we've been helping our customers achieve bug and infection free environments since 1995, our consultancy firm is now the leading advisory service for primary care, residential and community care, and the out of hospital setting in Australia and New Zealand.  

With offices in Sydney and Christchurch, the dynamic Bug Control team is ready to help you.  

Read our invaluable guide

We've developed an essential guide to getting you started on your journey to becoming a leader in infection control and prevention. Get it now for FREE.

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Bug Control Membership. Become a leader in infection control and prevention.

With over twenty-four years’ experience in the industry, we have developed a uniquely valuable membership scheme, designed to empower our clients with everything they need to become true leaders in the fight against preventable infections and bugs.  

Our subscription members receive unlimited access to our LMS — a comprehensive selection of electronic manuals and other resources, available 24/7 from any computing device with access to the internet.  

All our information is evidence based and includes the new NHMRC guidelines for infection control (May 2019). 

Ready to find out what it takes to create a word class infection prevention & control strategy?  

Contact us today for an informal chat about how we can help: +64 (03) 304 7027  


“Following a major outbreak in 2016, we were very concerned about not repeating our experiences.  

Working with Bug Control was(and continues to be) an outstanding experience. Since developing and implementing the Zero Outbreak Plan we have had zero outbreaks."  

MELINDA ABELL - Director of Care, Maroba

“Bug Control (Infection Control Advisory Service) worked with St Sergius Aged Care to develop a strategic plan and step-by-step guidance to prevent and control infections among our care recipients and staff.  

Winter in 2017 was the worst flu season on record and the strategy was very successful. We have been very impressed at the outcome of all projects offered by Bug Control."  

ILMIRA CHERNYAKOVA - Director of Care, St. Sergius Aged Care

​​"The Pioneers Lodge Aged Care Facility has had the pleasure of working with the professional staff at Bug Control for the past 10 years.  

Over this time we have received staff training that is up to date and individualized at our Facility. We have found all their manuals to be clear, easy to understand, concise yet comprehensive and very relevant to the aged care environment. We would definitely recommend Bug Control to others."  

The Pioneers Lodge -